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Our online information portal where you can access our data dictionary and download our data license request form.
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About the ISC

The ISC’s mission is to advance university research and increase the community’s capacity for data-based planning and evaluation.

The value of data sharing

To best serve vulnerable individuals within our community, we must communicate across the silos of data created by governmental and community agencies. Sharing creates more accurate evaluation of policy options, improved stewardship of taxpayer dollars, reduced paperwork burdens, and more coordinated delivery of public services.

Integrated data system

An integrated data system holds administrative data from numerous organizations and can match information across these organizations at the individual level.

Data protection

All data released from the ISC Community Database are de-identified and aggregated. The ISC Data and Research Oversight Committee (DAROC) always includes a member of the agency whose data is requested for research. This member approves data request and data set before release to the researcher.